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Cleaning the lens 

Cleaning the lens 

Tools used in this guide 

• Metal Spudqer (1) 

• Phillips #00 Screwdriver (1) 

• Q-Tip (1) 

• Rubbing Alcohol (1) 

• Small Phillips Screwdriver (1) 

The "Disc Read Error" is one of the most common, and possibly the most frustrating error you might 

The problem occurs because dust or debris has accumulated on the lens. Luckily, it is easy to fix and 
takes a few short and simple steps! 

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Cleaning the lens 

Step 1 - disassembly Top Cover 

• Flip the PlayStation 2 so that the bottom of the device is 
facing up. 

• Using a metal spudger, pry the 8 flat screw covers out. 

• Remove the following 8 screws: 

• Four 55.4 mm Philips screws. 

• Four 18 mm Phillips screws. 

Step 2 

• Peel the warranty sticker next to the main power switch 
from the case. 

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Cleaning the lens 

Step 3 

• Flip the PlayStation 2 back over and remove the top 
cover, prying the half closer to the power switch first 
and rocking the whole thing towards the front 

• Carefully remove the cord that attaches the 
two halves by unclipping the power cord 
assembly from the case in the lid. 


Step 4 - 

• Clean the lens with a Q-tip dampened with rubbing 

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Cleaning the lens 

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. 

This document was last generated on Dec 14, 2010. 

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